Our Frequently Asked Questions cover the answers to our most frequently asked questions about hunting & fishing in New Zealand.

Free range vs High-fenced

Reel Hunting specializes in finding mature trophy animals for your safari in New Zealand. We specialize in free range hunting but also have access to the most sought after estate hunting New Zealand has to offer. Free range or high fence the choice is yours. We constantly scout to be able to provide you the best experience and chance of success during your hunt.

Reel Hunting is focused on providing a true hunting experience!

How do I get to Reel Hunting?

Flights from the US and Canada arrive in Auckland and from there a regional flight is taken from Auckland to Queenstown. We will meet you at the airport. 

We suggest arriving a few days early to overcome jet lag and become acclimated to the climate so you are fully prepared for your hunt.

What gear do I need to bring?

Here is our suggested list of gear you should bring including information on importing your hunting gear into New Zealand.

Gear Checklist

  • Firearms - click here for information about importing your weapon, we also recommend bringing 40 round of ammunition.

  • Backpack

  • Boots - make sure they are cleaned. If your boots are messy with soil fragments they may not clear customs.

  • Waterproof gear and rain gear - it's possible to see rain or snow in any season. Be prepared and stay comfortable.

  • Binoculars - We spend a lot of time behind the glass.

How do I get my trophies shipped?

Included in your trophy fee is all field prep and transport to our expediter. From there our expediter will facilitate export to your home country. Please note you are responsible for all expediting costs.

Where do I stay?

As a part of our hunting packages we offer high quality lodging in the resort town in of Queenstown. Depending on your desired style of hunt we can also use comfortable helicopter access tent camps. We can offer all levels of accommodation to suit your tastes, everything from luxury 5 star helicopter only access mountain lodges, as well as having our own private remote bush cabin on the West Coast. Please get in touch and we can tailor our accommodation to suit.

What permits are necessary to import my firearms and hunt in New Zealand?

We will organise your New Zealand hunting permit upon arrival.

Please make sure you apply to import your rifle at least one month prior to your departure:

Firearm Import Information

How fit do I need to be?

Your trip can be tailored to your level of fitness and ambition. Trips can be as simple as a day hunt or a several day backpacking hunt. If you would like to customize a hunting trip, contact us and we will work to craft a hunting Safari in New Zealand tailored to your interest.